1. Obtaining Your Coupon
The customer can purchase a value or experience coupon through Kobon.com.kw (Operated by Ruwaaq For Website Development and Management). The value coupon will entitle the holder to choose, up to the value stated on it, one of a range of experiences provided by selected third party experience operators (referred to as Experience Providers) acting on our behalf. Other coupons may not have a value stated on them and entitle the holder to the experience stated on them and provided by the Experience Provider. The coupons carry a unique order ID and Customer ID which must be quoted when dealing with Ruwaaq and its Experience Providers.

All purchased coupons are sent out by email, and are additionally available in the customer's 'Order History' area under 'My Account'. 

3. Validity of Coupon
Coupons are generally valid for 6 months from the date of purchase stated on the Coupon itself, unless stated otherwise. You must book and complete your experience prior to the expiry date printed on the front of the Coupon, otherwise it will be invalid with no liability accepted by Ruwaaq.

4. Exchange and Refunds
We do rely on you, the customer, to choose carefully and ensure when you buy from us online, that the coupon suits your needs, requirements, timing, and redemption ability. For this reason, no refund or exchange is allowed. In case of any disputes with the Experience Providers related to the redemption of your Coupon, we will do our utmost to resolve any problems that may arise.

5. Booking
You need to contact the mentioned Experience Providers stated on your Coupon in order to book your preferred date and time within the Coupon validity period for your chosen experience. For booking changes, refer to clause 8. If your Coupon is lost, you can always re-issue your coupon from your Order History under the 'My Account' section on Kobon.com.kw. 

You are free to book your preferred date within the Coupon validity period. Experiences availability depends on the Experience Provider's schedule. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you to book in advance by contacting the Experience Provider immediately after booking. The Experience Provider contact information and address are mentioned in your Coupon.

7. Age, Size, and Health Restrictions
For safety reasons, some activities have certain size, age, and health restrictions. You are required to notify the supplier of any relevant medical conditions. The Experience Provider can advise of any restrictions are the time of booking. 

8. Changing your Experience booking
Changes to bookings may be possible subject to the Experience Providers terms and conditions, which may be obtained once you contact your Experience provider to schedule your Experience.

9. Weather, technical errors, and other problems:
Experiences may be cancelled due to weather conditions, mechanical failure, or for other reasons beyond our control. If your experience is cancelled because of the above mentioned reason, you will be able to re-book for a date on which you are able to attend, subject to the Experience Provider's schedule. If Experience provider ceases to provide an alternative date/time an equivalent in value experience will be provided by Kobon.com.kw.

10. Prices
We reserve the right to change experience prices without notice.

11. Description and Photography
We have tried hard to ensure that descriptions, illustrations, and experience titles used in the Coupons and our website are accurate. However, photographs and experience titles are intended to give a general idea of the experience description and do not form part of any contract between you and Kobon.com.kw

12. Security
Coupons issued by Kobon.com.kw are valuable documents. If they are lost or stolen, Ruwaaq Co. for Website Development and Management accepts no liability for any loss you may incur as a result of theft, impersonation, or identity fraud. Anyone with a valid Coupon may redeem it at the Experience Provider. It is your responsibility to ensure the coupon is only shared with intended recipients.