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Give your teeth a makeover and rid your smile from those coffee stains! Professional teeth whitening for those special occasions such as weddings, job interviews, or just to get a glamorous white smile!

You'll get instant dramatic results in the same visit, and everyone will notice your new smile!

Maintain your white smile with the included home kit containing specially created trays customized for your teeth, and everything you need to make your glamorous smile truly everlasting!

This package entitles you to professional cleaning and polishing, followed by a teeth whitening session in the clinic to get your glamorous smile.   Get this package for yourself, or send it as a gift to your loved ones before their big day! 

This package is provided by Basma Clinic Kuwait (Maidan Hawalli)

What is included?

  • Professional cleaning and polishing
  • In-clinic teeth whitening using the Zoom® system for instant results
  • Customized whitening trays + home whitening kit

What happens on the day?

Your teeth will be checked, scaled, and polished by our trained staff to prepare for the whitening procedure. This is followed by the Zoom® whitening treatment and creation of custom trays for home treatment.


Note: A dentist will perform a quick check-up for any problems before the whitening is done. This is to make sure the procedure will be safe and successful.

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