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Give your teeth a makeover and rid your smile from those coffee stains! Professional teeth whitening for those special occasions such as weddings, job interviews, or just to get a glamorous white smile!

You'll get instant dramatic results in the same visit, and everyone will notice your new smile! 

This package entitles you to professional cleaning and polishing, followed by a teeth whitening session in the clinic to get your glamorous smile. Get this package for yourself, or send it as a gift to your loved ones before their big day! 

This package is provided by Basma Clinic Kuwait (Maidan Hawalli)

    What is included?

    • Professional cleaning and polishing
    • In-clinic teeth whitening using the Zoom® system 

    What happens on the day?

    Your teeth will be checked, scaled, and polished by our trained staff to prepare for the whitening procedure. This is followed by the Zoom® whitening procedure.


    Note: A dentist will peform a quick check-up for any problems before the whitening is done. This is to make sure the whitening procedure will be safe and successful. 

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