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Don't miss this exclusive offer from Kuwait Clue for Kobon customers! Get the escape room experience for four players with the fifth free!

Prepare to get into a new, intellectually stimulating labyrinth of clues and puzzled aimed to bring out participants' inner private detective in a live room escape adventure. Unlock all the secrets and race against the clock and secure your place among the victors.

Note: Valid Sunday to Wednesday (excluding public holidays).

Three types of escape rooms are on offer - Choose the theme you like best from the following:

1. The Score (60 minutes)

You managed to break in the Bank of Kuwait and accidentally activated the secret alarm. Now you're are locked in! You cannot get caught and spend the rest of your life in prison can you? Time is running out and the police will arrive in one hour. Take as much spoils as you can, disable the alarm and find a way to escape!

2. Prison Break (70 minutes)

You share your prison cell with an innocent man who never committed a crime and you know it. Yet, his fate is sealed, as he shall walk the death row to his doom. The execution date has been set and you have to find a way to save the lives of both of you. Will you be able to see the sky once again with your friends on your side? you have 70 minutes to get out!

3. Cabin in the Woods (70 minutes)

Carelessly driving the the deep black forest, nothing seems to be out of place. And then your vehicle breaks down!The forest seems to never end. Darkness confines you until your search brings you in front of a hut. A wooden cabin hidden in the woods that seems to be your salvation... or maybe not? You have 70 minutes to escape the forest and the cabin!

What's Included?

  • Work in a team of five of your friends to escape within 60 or 70 minutes
  • Solve puzzles, unravel riddles and put together clues to find the key
  • If this is your first escape room experience, we recommend 'The Score'.

What happens on the day?

You will need to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your allotted time to make sure you catch all briefings and info, especially as the door will be locked behind you promptly when your experience is meant to start. 


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